Hi there. My name is Hillebrand van de Groep, also known as Flippylosaurus. I do some things in my spare time which I decided to document here - in a central place. Most of it is simple scripting, but some of it involves more serious usage of servers or knowledge.

I am a part of ICTrek, a amateur group of people making all sort of random projects. Most of them get discarded quickly, but some also remain and go live, such as PlakBak. Projects I have created with the ICTrek community are most likely based off other ideas, and are developed to make the final product better than the original product where the idea comes from.

Most of the products are intended for public use. I don't like creating something only I will use. Maybe a few very simple scripts that everyone else can create in 30 seconds, but nothing else.

I am really interested in making the real world interact with the internet or vice versa. I like to work on projects working on things that involve public transit. The Dutch government has a really well-documented sarcasm system for sharing data about bus locations, lines, departures, et cetera. I also like to work with hardware such as the ESP8266 or the Arduino as they are really easy to work with and can do really cool stuff.


(in no particular order)
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This is a project aimed to replace overcomplicated ad-infested paste sites by a simple - very simple - website: PlakBak. Literally. Paste, complete the captcha and you're done. I have created this in collaboration with ICTrek. I have worked on the design (actually drawing it out, I didn't make the CSS), security features (directory traversal) and I have guided other members in the path the project should take.



PGPKeyserverclose is a free, public PGP keyserver. It is based off SKS, and I have used a website created by another user with a few edits to add a FAQ.

Telegram @Tweakersmore_vert

Telegram @Tweakers

Telegram @Tweakersclose

This is a project I decided to make because I wanted to get news from as a push message.




This is a DRIS (Digitaal Reizigers InformatieSysteem, digital information system for travellers) I built in PHP. I didn't publish this as it was just a test to work with the OpenOV system - specifically KV1.